How to Stop RedPlum Coupon Mailings

Do you get those annoying RedPlum junk mail coupons that you never use?  Do you wish you could save some trees?

Well, you are in luck. Stopping RedPlum coupon mailings is as simple as pressing the giant button above, visiting their parent company’s site and filling out the form.

I received one additional mailing after submitting my cancellation request, but they stopped coming! Much respect for RedPlum and their parent company for making the opt-out process so easy. If only they could switch to an opt-in model…


  1. ChrisZ

    Thank you for making this so easy. It is exactly what I was looking for and it came up near the top of the Google search results.


  1. Stop RedPlum Coupons from Clogging Up Your Mailbox - Eddie On Everything

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